Human Development and Sustainability Science – the project

Human Development and Sustainability Science – the project

UiB Global, the Department of Health Promotion and Development and the Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP) have joined forces to initiate research within the new field of Sustainability Science.

The initiative aims to address a problem in academia that is blocking our full capacity to contribute to sustainable health, environment and development worldwide. These challenges are inextricably intertwined, but those who are working for development are trapped in ‘compartments’; government ministries and directorates with narrow portfolios, and specialised NGO’s and interest groups that compete for scarce resources rather than collaborate. The same goes for academia, where specialties develop their own ‘languages’, models and theories and concepts, and specialised research methods, which are key to scientific progress. An unfortunate consequence is that academic specialities often find it difficult to communicate with one another.

There is a need to create spaces for collaboration where the barriers ‘dissolve’ sufficiently to allow researchers and non-academics with different backgrounds to work together, to address complex social challenges. Our input is a trans-disciplinary research (TDR), which aims to solve vital social problems, to bridge the gap between the research approaches of different disciplines, and to include stakeholders outside academia as equal partners.


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