Mapping Sustainability Science

A pilot exercise to map the universities which have established Sustainability Science research and degree programs is currently underway. The following map presents the locations of existing degree programs in Sustainability Science found during an initial analysis of the first 300 results from a Google search of the term “Sustainability Science.” The map below illustrates the locations of 16 universities offering Bachelors, MA or PhD. programs in Sustainability Science. This map is by no means exhaustive and is intended solely to provide a general overview of the locations of academic degree programs in Sustainability Science.

MA and PhD SSFurthermore, the search uncovered nine “Sustainability Science” research programs located at universities not otherwise offering Bachelors, MA or PhD studies in Sustainability Science. These included research programs at the universities of Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, Humboldt and Kyoto as well as at universities and academic institutes in Taiwan and Malaysia.MA and PhD and reseacrh programs SS

Santa Fe University conducted a research in 2011 which shows a world map of cities and collaborations in Sustainability Science. However. It should be noted that the research provides an additional resource of publications related to all related disciplines and approaches to  “Sustainability” and not only to “Sustainability Science”.


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